You remember Pacman right?! This classic arcade game from the 1980's has been redone in flash. Now you can enjoy playing the same old Pacman game but online while you're at work or in school. It's one of the most retro games around and it's still one of the most addicting games ever made. Pacman was originally developed by Namco back in the 1980's. Pacman was played mostly in arcades and other local hang outs until Namco hit it big with the Atari system and allowed Pacman to be played in the home for the first time. Though the emulation might have changed, the game remains the same. Eat your way out of every level by munching up all the pellets and avoiding the dreaded ghosts. Turn the tables on the ghosts by eating the glowing pellets in the 4 corners of the screen and becoming invincible. There are 255 stages in Pacman. If you can get to even stage 10 though, you're doing pretty good.

Arrows: Move     P: Pause     M: Mute     Q: Quit
Pacman ORIGINAL!! 14,000+ points
Pacman at Level 10 and Onwards
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